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    Bug's Beat


    Bug’s Beat

    Yumi SASAKI + Dorita TAKIDO

    The sound of bug’s footsteps that human cannot hear normally.
    Bug’s Beat transmits the amplified sound of bug’s footsteps directly to human auditory through directional speaker.

    And by vibrating the listening chair through vibration speaker every time the bug takes a step, this device makes the observer to sense sound as bodily sensation.

    From the little bug one “visually” sees, one can “auditory” hear the bug’s footsteps as a large sound, and can “tactility” feel the sound as a vibration. A gap between visual, actual auditory, and tactile will be formed, and the brain will addle to the scale of oneself and of small bug’s life.

    An interactive system of life and sound that arouses new sense by sight and auditory and bring new sense of values.

    佐々木有美 + ドリタ

    Bug’s Beatはその虫の足音を拡張し、

    みている小さな虫[視覚] に対して、
    その虫の足音が大きな音[聴覚] が聞こえ、振動として[体感]できる。
    自分自身や 小さな生命の縮尺に対して、脳の混乱を起こす。


    2017.09 Prix Ars Electronica DIGITAL MUSICS & SOUND ART Honorary Mentions (Bug’s Beat)
    2017.09 STARTS PRIZE(Nomination) (Bug’s Beat)
    2016.09 “Kyoui no Heya (Room of Wonder)” art space kimura ASK?, Japan

    2017.04 “Tweetakt Festival 2017″ Fort Ruigenhoek, Groenekan, Utrecht the Neterlands
    2017.03 “Ooinaru nitijyo(The Great Ordinary)” workshop of Bug’s Beat. Borderless Art Museum NO-MA, Kyoto in Japan
    2016.02 “Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2016″ The Garden Hall, Japan

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    Thanks to:
    Shiro YAMAMOTO and Takeshi INARIMORI
    Yoshio YAMASAKI, Professor Emeritus, Acoustic Laboratory Waseda University
    Tarô ADATI, Professor, Department of International Agricultural Development,Tokyo University of Agriculture
    Kenji SUDA, The Musashino natural history society

    Support:Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creatores,2015

    Photo: Takehiro GOTO